And I Ask... Poem by beibee beibee

And I Ask...

Rating: 4.5

like lettering of letters lettered
in the luminousness out of longing lungs
the blossoming breath of beautiful breeze
ensphered my still soul and in serenade
i slip into some singsong soul selection...
and i ask:

will you?

like frames of fresh fraternal faces
you spark up a smile in shade of sun shine
lighting up into effervescence my evil face
i find all the lights the world cannot contain
in the hollow of your halloed head...
and i ask:

will you?

like inexplicable intentions and inflections
the cadences of concocted communication
you flow and blow into the tympanum of my ben
undesecrated desires desiring initiation in your
helpful hands...
and i ask:

will you?

like the fleeting feet of fraternal force
i follow your footsteps without pause
in this unshared sentimental secrets
what have we left of a shackled soul
seeking for liberation, love and life...
and i ask:

will you?

Greenwolfe 1962 05 August 2008

This is a most creative writing. I simply loved the word selection. If one is going to play with words, then they should use them in this way. I have admiration for the writer. I would recommend the writer read my poem SOMEWHERE. He may find it enjoyable. GW62

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beibee beibee

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