And Now A Good News Break2 Poem by DAVID GERARDINO

And Now A Good News Break2

Rating: 5.0

IM a cartoon character
with lanterns around my
tent.there are zebras who
gallop like horses, and bark
like dogs.
there are monkeys on prosac,
giving me the finger,
there are elephants running at
me, cousing hysterical panic.
and the moon tells the sun to get
lost, its my turn....

A Harrie 25 August 2005

I rather enjoyed this chaotic vision.... and I always feel that even the most simple literate can 'read through' any spelling errors. Amanda

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dissatified exmember 14 January 2005

David. I feel you have something, but do not know how to express it. Don't be put off. Poetry is not always about what others want. You will find those who love your work and those who hate it. Thats life. May I ask how old you are. You sound young. Or possibly you speak another language at home. Let us know please. Keep trying, don't let anything stand in your way.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 13 January 2005

I can't believe you would post this, so full of spelling errors. You got spell-check? Friends who are nor illiterate? Hobos looking for a handout? Honestly. H

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