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If I forgot the warmth of sun on my face
would you open the windows
bring light into this place..
If I forgot the tenderness of lovers kiss

There lived a man up on a hill
The locals did not bid him ill
But playground whispers of this one
Who kept his offspring in the sun

I wrap you about me
whenever I sleep
Like the arms of my Angel
and gently I weep

He loves his 1950’s wife,
She knows her place,
Gives him no strive.
Cooks and cleans every day.

bruises on bruises
body and soul
black like these tears
how easy they flow

My eyes are too heavy to weep
My skin feeling old it creeps
My heart is too heavy from wasted years
My glass is too empty to drown all these tears

Sticks in the throat,
till death to choke.
After the knives

Tiptoe gently across soft woollen floor
Slowly close the bedroom door,
Watch you peaceful for a while,
Before I

Infectious affection
What am I to do
From my attention you never withdrew
Your smile lit a candle

Knees all soft and baggy
Skin all warm and clamy
with eyes half open
legs like concrete

Stomach clenched in angry knot
resentment fills each and every thought
a peaceful haven I do seek
to hide away from intensive heat

Lured into your trap your henchmen are fine
Masters of disguise, Keepers of my time
Who think they can trap me like the lost and unsure
Prey on my weakness till I succumb to your allure

Put out the fires, coldness begins
Enter the darkness of our mortal sin
Out of the night the spirits they come
In search of flesh

Stone face hard lips cast heart
Always firm forever right
Grey eyes that shed not a tear
But for once I stood

Furtive glances out the window,
Blood red devilment
Warms my throat,
To the belly,

Explore your senses,
Explore my touch,
There’s nothing to be gained from holding back.
Explore your hunger,

I read in the dailies
Marmite on toast is a work of art
sculpted and shaped
to appear almost lifelike.

Take down the wind chimes you hung in the hall
To catch our dreams lest they fall
Take down the pictures and sit here a while
With beautiful faces beautiful smiles

Winter comes
long nights and days of subdued light
crisp sunshine an imposter
that cannot soothe chapped lips

Sometimes as I sit here all alone
Through these pages I do roam
Songs of passion, loves lament
Of vampires, witches, devils torment

The Best Poem Of Alc Harris

Forgotten Kisses

If I forgot the warmth of sun on my face
would you open the windows
bring light into this place..
If I forgot the tenderness of lovers kiss
would you take your heart
stroke my lips..
If I forgot my mind and wandered alone
would you take my hand
lead me home..
and if I forgot to breathe that next breath
would you save me from
a certain death..
For my memory of life is fading,
I need a dream to make my escape in
I need a reason
For the moonlight waltz
Forgotten kisses to forever haunt.

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Tapas Bandyopadhaya 16 September 2006

Yes. This is another poet whose work is satisfying. 'Because' is a wonderfully fresh poem on an old theme.

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