And When I Die Poem by Randy McClave

And When I Die

When I die
To my funeral who would come,
Who would say a goodbye
And who would feel sad and numb.
Who would that they are sorry
After so many lost years,
Who would say that they're sorry
After many countless tears.

When I die
To my funeral who would arrive,
Who would ask God, "Why"!
Why am I am not alive.
Who would say that they are sad
That I had past away,
And maybe who would be mad
Because I can't help them today.

When I die
To my funeral who should show up,
Who would realease a saddened sigh
And remember us sharing a drink in a cup.
Would anyone be heartbroke
When they look down upon me,
Will they recite some words I had wrote
Will they remember what in them I did see.

When I die
To my funeral who would appear,
Would it be a person who caused me to cry
And made our memories disappear.
Would it be someone who I had loved
With whom I wanted to grow,
Or maybe a person who pushed and shoved
But, those answers I will never know.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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