Angel Poem by Chandra Shekhar Dubey


Rating: 3.0

One chilly winter night
He awakened me from sleep,
dazzling my eyes with unearthly light
becalming my stressed nerves with ecstasy.
Then he whispered softly in my ear
'Are you sleeping with the burden of yesterday's woes? '.
I replied ' No, no I was dreaming'.
Dreaming? he asked with angelic smile.
Then he disappeared casting the trails
of divine light in my room,
leaving me bemused and baffled.
Was it a waking dream or shadows of my aggrieved soul or haunting hallucinations?
Something less than I could understand
Something more than I could see?
Next night he appeared again
Casting the azure of white light on my face
I could hear but couldn't see
I asked him 'Who are you? '
'Why can't I see you? ''in my feeble voice.
' I am angel in you, as in every one'.
'When your boat loses its path ravaged by
harsh winds, I am a compass and lighthouse,
I am hope in the sea of fear and despair'.
'Can't you see, I am your other self'.
I smiled simulating those epiphanous moments.
A revelation -
That dawns on all of us, melting our worldly woes into fire of will-
to conquer, to live and let live.
Chandra Shekhar Dubey

Dr Dillip K Swain 19 December 2021

I replied ' No, no I was dreaming'. Dreaming? he asked with angelic smile and disappeared at once....wonderful. A magnificent poem....5 stars

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