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My name is Stacey. I am 37 years old and enjoy writing poetry, short stories. I also like writing novels. I am a home school mom of a very bright six year old. I am married and have been for 17 years. At times life has been rough but I have worked through those times and finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I enjoy reading poetry and writing even though it is not my strong suit, it is fun. My favorite poets are: Robert Frost, Sara Teasdale, Ogden Nash. I enjoy reading others work as well.

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Thanksgiving Acrostic

Thank you Lord for health.
Happiness sings in my heart.
A little bit of peacefulness.
No sadness lingers here.
Knowing I am your child.
Seeing the radiance of love.
Granting me a wonderful gift.
I did not deserve your love.
Visiting the meaning in my soul.
I am glad you died for me.
Now the light shines bright.
Good and gracious Savior Lord.

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Travis Johnson 04 June 2009

yo i thought this was sad but really well writin. nothin new since last time we spoke well im still lookin. :)

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Pied Piper Berry 04 November 2008

Your poems are wonderful, and you can write about anything! I love it as always. I know in heart you are a romantic, but you write everything so well. I am your stalker... hehe Always will be too... Well Done! You can write it all! !

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S-machine S-machine 30 October 2008

your poems are touchful and ill just say well done good job

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Ramesh T A 12 September 2008

You are an absorbing and overwhelming poet first and last!

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