Anger Within

When darkness fills your mind you become a slave to thoughts of unruly behavior.

Your way of thinking merges with Pandora's Box and your flesh burns.

Undocumented communications of rhetoric slays your view of understanding.

Confusion of democracy destroys your character with words of destruction.

Unable to control your tongue the sea rages and the fire consumes your thoughts.

Preaching volatile contentment your body becomes enraged with volcanic reactions.

The simplicity of your mind is clothed with unwavering heights of urges untamed.

Your listening skills are anchored with ears of solitude confinement in the graveyards.

You contaminated your body with self-righteous tears of explanation.

We eliminate ourselves in our eyes to erect your cross on Calvary.

Bound with hypocrisy we place fetters around your joy of understanding.

With gratitude of ungrateful speculations we adhere to our reasoning.

We plant a seed of intense self-worth and find gardens of tares.

Searching for directions of love we develop walls of superior intellect.

Our heart of stone was carved from the armor of our quiet storms.

Controlled by our anger within we become the obstacle of our own truth.

Written by Theodore Mosley
March 7,2017