Streets Of Time (Paul Gaston) Poem by THEODORE MOSLEY

Streets Of Time (Paul Gaston)

Walking the streets of time I became the enemy of the system that said you are not worthy of the streets you walk on.

My life became the object of their disdain as I walked the concrete jungle for ways to live in my humanity.

Graphic arts of their schooling taught them that my education was beyond helping to extend life for my family.

My vehicle eclipsed a telephone pole and my life ceased from living as I stumbled onto the streets of time.

Paul Gaston rested on his knees and a sudden movement with his flesh and the street of times outlined his life.

His counterpart Christopher Laugle found peace with his gun in target practice mode and with peace his flesh was incarcerated.

The brutality of your art was painted with your eyes of deceit in the silence of Paul Gaston's life.

The streets of time arraigned me with your courage of hostility that lifted me on the walls of 'Black Lives Matter'.

Condemned for being human and prosecuted for being black, I stand in formation to say 'Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud'.

My life for yours, your life for mine; on the streets of time history told us that the blue uniforms goes beyond the fulfillment of time for black lives.

Your history of black lives impacted the history of our lives that the graves cried out with our blood as our witness.

Written by Theodore Mosley
February 19,2016

Edward Kofi Louis 26 February 2016

Life is the key! And, we have to protect each other. Nice work.

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Theodore Mosley 26 February 2016

Thank you my brother and have a bless and safe weekend!

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