Angsty Chick Poem by Yoni Assis

Angsty Chick

Rating: 4.5

Angsty chick
Laying it on thick
Your dark poetry’s lame
Morbid artwork just tame

You have problems?
Join the club
If you’re trying to be Avril
Better have her luck

Not every day is bad
No real reason to be sad
It doesn’t always rain, you know
Even if that emo music tells you so

He said/she said at school
Boy dropped you for Jules
Mom on your ass
Cause you missed class

Suicide is for dweebs
Wrist-cutting for skeevs
Burn that note right away
Drop that blade in the bay

Trust me, you’ll live
Listen to these words I give
I’m not some dumb hick
I was once an angsty chick

Yoni Assis 24 May 2010

Vampire- I wrote it almost a year ago, and when I did, I knew it might alienate some least the first stanza. But I was going after the real headcases, not the average teen brooder. Nothing wrong with trying to tell folks ther lives aren't so bad, is it? Almost no problem is irreversible. Besides, I really hate emo music :) Jen- It was one of the first three I wrote. I forget the exact reason I did...maybe I saw something on t.v. that set me off. Haha, Jen, you were an angsty chick?

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Jennifer Whitney 24 May 2010

dude, this one totally takes me back to high school when i didnt know who i was and i was trying to identify with anything... black eyes, white face, heavy shadow... crazy! ! I like the perspective you put on it.

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Crazy Vampire 24 May 2010

good poem, but you shouldnt be so bias about people and their problems...

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