A Dialogue Poem by Yoni Assis

A Dialogue

Rating: 4.8

My dear chap, what a pleasure to see you again!
Sit down, sit down, make yourself comfortable
Some sherry?
I still have those cigars you liked so...
Oh, that's right, you gave it up…good man

I take it the children are doing well
Little Catherine still tickling the ivories?
Edward wowing them on the football field?
Good, good…if we could only go back, too, no?

I'm glad you came, as I need my very dearest friend to help unburden me
It seems I've gotten myself in quite the pickle again
Yes, it involves a female…if there's any other kind of pickle, please let me know!
Well, let's just say that it is a very scandalous affair

The lady, as you guessed, is spoken for
Oh, I know I should know better by now, but I'm weak
Not convenient, no. But when has true love ever been?
Though I think you'd agree she's the loveliest creature to ever grace God's green earth.
I know it doesn't justify it…

Rapturous beauty aside, we share a deep emotional connection
It's as if she were born for me, and I for her
No, it's not rubbish…you just don't understand this type of bond
You were never a romantic

Of course I've composed her letters. Do I know another way?
What happened to the men of letters, I ask!
He's a good fellow, excellent even, yet lacks the poet's soul
This maiden requires that fire

What shall I do, old man?
Extricate myself from the mud?
Push on?
Your wise counsel, my friend, shall decide my fate

No, I don't believe she loves him anymore
Yes, she's mad about me…or so she says, who ever really knows?
She wants to leave, but is naturally reticent...it's not an easy thing, you know
On top of the obvious, life with me, as you well know, would be very risky

If you were this man…
Oh, you think so?
She should, shouldn't she?
I wholeheartedly agree…you only live once, and should be happy

So just come out with it, you say
We've debated who should break the news, if that day ever does come, because, tragically, I happen to know this fellow, too
Oh, very close
It will hurt all parties involved

I was afraid of that, but you're right
A real friend should do the honors, for lack of a better term
He's already chinked the armor of their friendship, he should be merciful enough to finish the job
My dear chap…I'm sorry

Venkatesh Jagannathan 04 August 2010

very nice sir. esp. He's a good fellow, excellent even, yet lacks the poet’s soul. This maiden requires that fire. The way it starts and the way it ends is ofcourse like a cool breeze turning into a storm. liked it very much. Thanks for sharing.

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Goldy Locks 03 June 2010

So the character fell for with his best friend's wife...scandalous, indeed. And this was his way of telling him? If i am getting it correctly... What a clever and well-written piece, Jonathan. I adore how the reader has to infer & pick up the other side of the conversation, though never too difficult as you were careful to include necessary elements, and all along making it exciting and enjoyable to read. Thank you, and i'm glad i gave your writing another shot. best care, Goldy

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Yoni Assis 01 June 2010

Coming from you, that's a huge compliment!

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Compelling and captivating to the core! Well done my friend!

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