Animagus Poem by Troy Cochran


Rating: 5.0

Autumn is the sorceress in the sisterhood of seasons;
Up to some slow mischief; all secretive and scheming; all wind-stirred.
Her breezes coil and hiss about the skirts and skinny ankles of her trees
Whispering treason;
Her mists are druid; her woods are cauldron;
Her mysteries are animistic; fluid; merlin.
She is a silly bird
Who molts, but in her veins of sap a low fire brewing
Magic black and blind as bats, tobacco spat,
Is still chewing.
She's cast a spell on me, and still construing:
I find myself in the belly of my undoing.

If I, like mad Autumn, shake my mind and loosen leaves,
And feel the letting go and tossing off of old beliefs,
Some animus, some magician, startles from my sleeping;
Reaches through the windows of my mind to let in fresh new light
And fresh new knowing;
Confiscates my eyes out-throwing
Shapes of... Everything! So fiercely individual,
Yet vulnerable to my probing
And inviting.
And suddenly I am animal; I am visceral;
I am out-bounding everything.
I shift: become environmental.

I want to howl against the Moon of my unknowing,
Stretching muscle against the pain,
And keep on going.

Sunday, September 24, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: autumn,magic,metamorphose,october,self discovery
An animagus, as per J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series, is a witch or wizard capable of transmuting into an animal form. Here, it is having a more spiritual connotation.
Kumarmani Mahakul 24 September 2017

As per flow of time in the sisterhood of seasons this autumn comes. Her breezes coil and hiss about the skirts and skinny ankles. Her trees whisper abut beauty of appearance. This constructs magical and interesting melodic flow. Mists bring mysteries are animistic. Having wonderful perception closely we observe autumn. Startles from sleeping reach through the windows of my mind to let in fresh new light. Mind becomes become environmental and everything here bounds. Very, very brilliant imagery is drawn in this pleasant and wisely penned excellent poem.10

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Troy Cochran 26 September 2017

Thank you, Kumarmani, for your very flattering remarks. I'm happy that you liked my poem. It was originally a much longer poem that just kind of meandered without conclusion. This was the poem I leaned to stop treating my work with kid gloves, and started hacking away whole sections, stripping it down to its core expressions, ... and, lo and behold, there were my last lines already embedded in the middle of the poem! It expressed all that needed to be said. One of my greatest moments of epiphany as a poet. :)

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