Anything Electrical Poem by Troy Cochran

Anything Electrical

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There is a place in dreams
Where men get out at night
And walk as lightning.

Morning comes,
They hover over steering wheels
Looking up wide-eyed at Nothing.

They search through static on their radios,
Feeling frayed along the edges, frantic
For anything electrical....

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: cosmology,dreams,search
Kumarmani Mahakul 19 September 2017

Man walk as lightning in a special place in dream that gives real feelings. There morning comes with streaming wheel. Anything electrical gives radio impulses and these electrical waves helps in searching cosmological happenings. Brilliant poem is shared here.10

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Troy Cochran 21 September 2017

Interesting interpretation. You've found a roundabout way of arriving just about where I was aiming. And I will confess a secret to you. I sometimes ask certain people a very devious question: 'Do you see yourself as a limp noodle or as a live wire? '. I invariably get the 'limp noodle' response, which leads to a discussion about our electric minds and electric universe. We poets and artists, creators of all types, are 'live wires' when God or Mind or Cosmos, what have you, is flowing through us. Some people have yet to really connect to that inner spark, so I like to up-end their applecart by coaxing them to stick their finger in the light socket of the universe, until they can taste a jolt of God on the tip of their tongue. I hope I leave everyone with an understanding that, limp as we may often feel, we are intrinsically 'live wires.' Just need to connect to Source and get the juices flowing! (Don't tell anyone my secret.) :)

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