Animal Rights. Poem by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

Animal Rights.

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Prevent the cruelty to animals
Animals are also entitled to live
To enjoy the life until the last
Save the animals for our own sake.

Human beings becomes so cruel
To the animals including wild ones
In fact the earth is common for all
Rights of animals are to be protected.

Observe the tendency of the humans
The rich history we have passed in centuries
In cultures, civilizations we followed
A thought of selfishness with animals.

Domesticated some of the animals from wild
They followed the commands we gave
We used them for travel, war, and milking
For its skins to make ourselves comfort.

Denied justice in its negative health
Even killed without hesitation at all
Animals are also bound to get justice
In this world of injustice sometimes.

Slowly and sluggishly humans accepts
They makes schemes for their protection
But still the road is far away to reach
Until there is the goal of security deserve.

Welfare of animals are a necessity
Surely for the development of human beings
They were with us from the beginning
Do not negate their rights and issues in blind.

Animal right a great issue.
Tribhawan Kaul 29 July 2014

Very well composed poem with a message. Only animal lover can understand the feelings of the poet. Beautiful.

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Tribhawan Kaul 29 July 2014

Very well composed poem with a message. Only animal lover can understand the feelings of the poet. Beautiful.

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Uma Ram 08 May 2015

Thanks for the voice for dumb creatures too sir. I can feel it for we take care of a few parrots rescued from astrologers as my husband is a forest official. We have not encaged them but they are left free roaming about all around in our house. Till now four of them have recovered and flown away. Of them two had their wings, tails and limbs too cut off to prevent them from escaping. Thanks for the lovely thought shared sir.

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Valsa George 03 May 2015

We hear a lot about human rights, but hardly anything about animal rights! They have also a life! It shouldn't be made miserable by man's overriding greed and selfishness! Kudos for championing the cause of animals! A great write!

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Achill Lad 30 September 2014

I applaud the sentiment in this poem. Animals are sentient beings. They understand far more than peolple give them credit for. You are right in saying that the earth is common to us all. Animals have as much right to exist as we humans do. Human greed governs the way we now live. Everything that can be exploited is exploited. If God made this earth then He made it for us all to share, not as a playground for the priviliged few. A thoughtful and meaningful write.

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Rajkamal P.j 12 September 2014

A strong message in simple verses. A challenge to co-existence is the real threat to nature that we see today perhaps in many many forms. Greedy man is the one in the center stage..Congrats

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Salini Nair 30 July 2014

In fact the earth is common for all....very few among us think that way...really a reminder.............

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