Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. Poems

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Ramayana Epic Poem.

Ramayana the epic poem of India
The story of a noble kingdom
The story of noble couple
The story of truth, sacrifice

A Friend's Death.

An untimely death of a dear friend
Never it is possible to forget
A life long friendship that expected
But death took away the life.


The wings of the butterflies in beautiful color

Children likes them so much as well as the grown ups
Their flying, their companions, their selection of flowers

Gender Equality.

Gender equality a hot subject
Gender inequality is injustice
Thoughtful arguments persists
Gender equality a real solution

Reality Of Truth.

Cover the truth, the noble truth
With a gold pot for ever
Still it will come back
Truth is so powerful than gold.

Animal Rights.

Prevent the cruelty to animals
Animals are also entitled to live
To enjoy the life until the last
Save the animals for our own sake.


Relevance of enlightening poems
Importance of poems of values
Thinks that, more important today
where the world is passing through chaos

Future World.

Future of the world
Will be history of feud
Or fevered ones ruling the world
A concern to be shared

Nature's Arts.

The evening sky in a summer day
Near the seashore we shares the experience
How marvelous to look the sky
The wonderful colors and paintings of nature

The Great Nature.

The world itself is a heaven
Where nature is kept in its divinity
Nature's wonders are our treasures
Respecting nature as a child's curiosity.

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