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Anomalies - Poem by Leria Hawkins

Date: December 8,2011

Moonbeams light the walls of this castle
Washing pale the hallways of memory
Dust lay heavy on the bindings of yesterdays
Jackets…time worn and threadbare
Betray years of labored use

Many a seeker has roamed these halls
Searching for the chalice of desires
Words that bring meaning to the raging vein
Lullabies to define love’s true intent

Here…passion free falls from the lips of seduction
To be captured, bottled and thrown to sea
Words scribed, confined to the drying leaf
Secrets…whispered a thousand times over

From these shadows, a strange sentiment stirs
Rain threatens the most demanding eye
Fire simmers between the lines in whispered disclosure
And rivers flow in a briny tide of desperation

Love songs seek refuge, hiding between the folds
Storms brew, and bleed out in voiceless vindication
Intimacy…carved on stone, is inked from the blood of the master
Traps are set and whispers snared
Confessions spilt to the eyes of the unknown

Behind the drapery of wicked desires
The perfume of lust still lingers
Moans rise, pleading for their final breath
Seeking escape from long held morality

Ghost lovers waltz to the rhythm of fire
Spirits bow in homage to ancient history
And night winds croon to the bones of the dead
All praying for their final flight into unity

Climb to the attic, up the rickety stairs of oppression
Past caverns, as black-filled and ominous as death
Scale the massive oak, wrapped and smothered in strings
Binding forever this life of illusion

Speak softly to the night man, he is the salvation
Turn and face the judgment of a soul forgotten
Stand silent at the crypt, if you dare…confess, accept, and forgive
The pain of this life will wash you clean

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Copyright © 2011 Leria Hawkins, All Rights Reserved

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