Anonymity Poem by Keilani Poetry


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Ah let me be
invisible to thee
O' world

Toiling in joy
as my feet press the earth
In quiet singsong
the days I traverse

Tilling soil
and planting trees
turning harsh summers
into soft Spring

I tread among beggars
who cast away dreams
A libation I pour
in this temple of grief
‘midst rabid
and tumultuous seas
working in poised

A page in a book
untitled unnamed
that shall abide the lash
of hostile winds

In kinder seasons too
will also be read

Rob Lamberton 02 March 2023

The first three lines have taken on even more significance of late. : )

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Sandra Feldman 21 January 2023

Idealy, I read and delight in the peaceful bliss of this illuminating poem that sets us all free.A true beauty for and from the poetic spirit!

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Keilani Poetry 22 January 2023

Your beautiful words lift me Sandra. Thank you from my heart, dear poet.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 January 2023

However, Christmas is for the whole year, all year long the same old song, to write this is never wrong. Enjoyed tremendously your poetry, Keilani!

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Keilani Poetry 22 January 2023

Thank you truly for your thoughtful and kind words, dear poet.

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Anjandev Roy 08 January 2023

Simply amazing.....thanks for sharing....

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Keilani Poetry 08 January 2023

Thank you for your kind words, dear poet.

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Bharati Nayak 31 December 2022

Your poems are amazingly beautiful and hope to read many more from your pen!

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Keilani Poetry 08 January 2023

I am deeply moved by your kind words, Bharati. Thank you from my heart.

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Rob Lamberton 01 January 2023

I agree with you Bharati!

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