Another Day Poem by Anita Sehgal

Another Day

The earth quaked, the black sky fell into the oceans

and they rose to gobble everything.

Leaving devastation and ruin in its wake.

Shamelessly, the next day dawned

Bright and fresh.

As if yesterday had never been.

So cheerful that it hurts.

The hungry empty spaces in the skies eat up the memories

Leaving it once more untainted.

I too, look up and take hope for there will surely be another day, another life.

Julius Lenjatin 15 June 2013

Hope is good in our lives, hope is portrayed here verily, a quake has just occurred yet your solace comes from the fact that another day will surely follow. good work.

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Heather Wilkins 08 June 2013

I love your last line. I too, look up and take hope for there will surely be another day another life.

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Mbanaso Samuel 20 November 2012

marvelous piece..............we hope to see more as more days erupts..............

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Valsa George 07 November 2012

We blissfully forget what happened yesterday and look up to tomorrow with hope and optimism! that's how it should be! An enjoyable write!

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Indira Babbellapati 24 May 2012

'tomorrow is another day...! '

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