Quietus Poem by Anita Sehgal


Rating: 5.0

Ever since I was born,
You have been with me
As I grew,
Your shadow over me lengthened
In all my joys and sorrows,
You stood looking over my shoulder
At the heights of success,
It was your hand which stayed me grounded
In the pits of depths,
It was you who put life's experiences in perspective
The hurt of betrayal and the shame of ignominy,
You tempered with your touch
Nature's beauty I saw through your tender eyes
It was you who defined the nature of life as
transitory, ephemeral, heart breakingly fragile
Life's elusiveness engulfed me…
the moments and relationships I cherished all the more.
Against the backdropp of your presence..
I was sensitized to the miracle and mystery of life.

Without you life would be an endless banal desert.
Without the fear of its loss.. would I be able to cherish this nectar of life?

You have been my closest friend.. Yet I knew it not.
Your final embrace …
After a life accentuated with your presence, a blessing- for the freedom from vicissitudes.

And you alone can break the body barrier - videhamukti- to liberate my soul and soar it to its destination.

For to life and beyond life it is only you, Death, who have lent it meaning.

Jahan Zeb 02 November 2012

Wow! this poem is incredible for its theme and message. It certainly reminds me of the sonnet 10 of John Donne. One short sleep past, we wake eternally, And Death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die. I liked it very much...

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Valsa George 07 November 2012

'It was you who defined the nature of life as transitory, ephemeral, heart breakingly fragile' These lines are so wonderful! 'Without the fear of its loss, would I be able to cherish the nectar of life'- another great line! One of the beautiful poems on Death!

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Valerie Dohren 08 November 2012

Beautiful poem, very poignant and meaningful.

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Terry O'leary 09 November 2012

Philosophically wise! Very nice work! Terry

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Chandra Thiagarajan 10 November 2012

A very great effusive poem, warm and moving, which echoes in the heart for a long time. Thanks and best wishes. Chandra Thiagarajan

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Heather Wilkins 14 August 2013

this is a beautifully written poem. he miracle of motherhood and the love.

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Antonio Liao 18 December 2012

great a mouth-watering smooth tears of the eyes, explosive in distance and blind beginning of my naval birth...so powerful that, in the absence of my Mother's birth, it seem that i vividly seen and picture -out the day when i was born....Excellent and God bless

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Phuentsho Wangdue 22 November 2012

Nice job..... me like it...

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Wahab Abdul 19 November 2012

beautiful poem i like it...

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Thobile Masondo 19 November 2012

What a beautiful piece

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