A Full Circle Poem by Anita Sehgal

A Full Circle

The parched ground
with wounds as wide as craters,
stared at the relentless, harsh blue.
Leafless, huge trees exposed their skeletons.
Stunted shrubs clustered seeking succor in proximity.
Carcasses strewn all around,
Bodies dragged themselves helplessly.
The sea beat listlessly on the hot sandy shores.

To whom do they plead for mercy?
There was nothing left which could even appeal.

And then …. when all was done
a cluster of dark black ominous clouds
gathered in the distant horizon.
An army to conquer the dead.
None left to rejoice.

Slowly, they marched forward
Lightning flashed, clouds roared.
Beating the drums to mark their arrival.

A first few drops fell on the earth's face.
She licked her lips in disbelief.
The sea suddenly gathered courage to rise and heave.
Unseen life scrambled out of crevices and ran helter skelter.
Lifeless till now the birds chirped faintly.
The branches opened their hearts to receive this manna from heaven.

.... And destruction gave way to creation,
….. completing a full circle.

Savita Tyagi 15 July 2012

The hot dry summer and welcoming rain! Life smiles upon earth again and again. Always enjoy reading your poems.Thanks for sharing.

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Gillena Cox 27 July 2012

the story told with such drama; a spellbinding poem

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Allemagne Roßmann 09 September 2012

Rich and allusive i liked it

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Valsa George 14 November 2012

Beautiful depiction of a drought stricken, parched land drenched by the falling drops of torrential rain and Nature, thus completing her circle! Enjoyed much!

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Yash Shinde 31 March 2014

excellent imagery and beautiful personification...............lovely poem

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Heather Wilkins 08 June 2013

excellent imagery. A circle will always be completed.

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Wahab Abdul 14 May 2013

lovely thought and nicely crafted poems..love it

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Chandra Thiagarajan 17 February 2013

A first few drops fell on the Earth's face / She licked her lips in disbelief /are wonderful lines and personification of the Earth! ! The whole poem is fantastic and the ending completely fabulous completing the full circle from the caption! ! A great write to enjoy! !

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Nithin Purple 02 January 2013


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