Music Poem by Anita Sehgal


Rating: 5.0

Music pours forth from the taut strings of a sitar,
under the nimble fingers of the player.
Notes reverberate into the ether
till the sounds fades into infinity,
I surrender myself to Thee to play the
music of life, as You desireth.

Kasia Fedyk 27 May 2012

Anita, I love music so much and your poem describes it in such exquisite detail, giving eternal light to the notes. Its sublime! Thank you! :)

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Ramesh Rai 28 May 2012

I surrender myself to Thee to play the music of life, as You desireth. Nice, I do love music.

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Shashi Vivek 29 May 2012

nice one. god is the greatest musician

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Captain Cur 08 July 2012

Sitar-ically beautiful, the sound of the poem. Well done!

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Savita Tyagi 08 July 2012

So beautiful. Music reverberating from words.

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Edward Kofi Louis 26 February 2015

Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 08 July 2014

lovely poem beautiful arrangement very nice after a long time read a poem thanx

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Neela Nath Das 08 July 2014

Congratulations! A beautiful poem.

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Geetha Jayakumar 08 July 2014

Congrats Anita. Beautiful music being played by words, played by the nimble fingers in strings of sitar. Beautiful music, now I can hear. Loved it. Short and sweet.

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Tony Walton 08 July 2013

There is not a single poetic word in this piece which is therefore not a poem but a bundle of cliches - that suddenly veers into a closing declaration of religious faith. It's fine if that's what you want - just please DONT CALL IT A POEM! TIGERfish

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