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Another Love Story

Rating: 5.0

Keep this in mind I right from my own prison, for open ears like yours that still chose to listen

I had it so good withought showing my heart,
But I’ve made up my mind to tell her, I’m still breathing in short.

She’s drinking her favorite soda, with her lips all moist.
I don’t want to tell her, but alas, I have no choice,

I’m an inch close to losing her, to a famous sports jock.
I imagined telling her once, and even to this day, I can still remember seeing

her great look of shock.
I’ve walked over beside her about three inches from reach,

She looks at me slowly; her face seeming quite bleached,
Her expression was blank, as if she was reading my mind,

Something came up in my mouth, as my tummy unwinds.
I wanted to talk, I really did, but no words would come,

I imagined it was most likely I had swallowed my tongue.
I’ve started talking now, hoping to spark her interest,

A little doubtful for my stare is locked below her waist, at best.
She now knows everything, and looks at me quite blank,

Then utters my dieing words; I’m not into relationships, to be frank
My life is no picnic, it’s like hell at best, and if u doubt my words,

another day I’ll tell you the rest

Malini Kadir 26 March 2008

Your unique style was interesting!

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Abigail Keller 11 June 2006

It's refreshing to see someone who truely can harness the essense of rhyming and rythm like you do. ~Amber~

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