Hannah Diane Williams

Another Night Spent All Alone

Another night spent all alone,
Drowning in self-hate and pain.
She doesn't know where to turn
Or why this pain chose her.
She's a turtle trapped in her shell
With nobody or nothing to comfort her.
So when she's
In the bed all alone at night,
She figures it will never get better.
The pain overwhelming inside her heart
Overflows to more pain...
The pain no one can see.
How could they all hurt her?
Do they even know the pain they cause?
Do they care?
The blood overflows
Because she needs relief from
The pain she hides inside.
She wonders if anyone really cares
Or if this is all just some cruel joke.
She wonders if these cuts
Could get any deeper
And if the pain she feels inside
Will ever go away.
She wonders if these scars
Are here to stay forever
Deeply engraving her heart.
What she did to deserve this,
She has no clue.
All she knows is she's trapped in a jail cell
For a crime she did not commit.
All the noise surrouinding her
Is just too much
For her to bear.
She can't even think straight...
How could she be so stupid and ugly?
She wonders if anyone loves her
Even though she knows the few that count do.
She blames it all on herself
And the pain
From scars unseen of the past
Are the secrets untold
That cause an unbelievable amount of pain
To overwhelm her.
The black is taking over her,
It consumes her...
She's falling apart...
Into this abyss.
She can't see where she's going,
Doesn't know what she's doing.
This constant fear inside her
Is a cry for help
Nobody hears.
Her mouth doesn't say much
Even when she seems okay.
She's like a gazelle
Away from her pack...
The lion's hunting her down.
He's waiting for the perfect moment,
When she's all alone,
To attack

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Poem Edited: Friday, March 5, 2010

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Comments about Another Night Spent All Alone by Hannah Diane Williams

  • Joseph Moore (3/14/2010 1:04:00 PM)

    It's a said place to be, deep in depression. However, God always gives people an outlet; for me it was poetry. No matter the time or place God provides, but only if you ask.

    Great poem, it informs people that depression is serious and that we should always remember that no matter the hour or place God loves, even when others don't.

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