Listen To Her Screams, Watch Her Bleed Poem by Hannah Diane Williams

Listen To Her Screams, Watch Her Bleed

Rating: 5.0

Sitting on the floor,
Where she can barely breathe.
Her broken heart's
Beyond repair,
Shattered into billions
Of pieces.

She's tired of being sad,
And, oh, so,
She wants someone to show her
The perfect way out.

She looks up,
And tries to see the stars,
But all she sees
Is darkness
Invading her life.

She can't get away from
Her past,
Her scars,
A constant reminder of
Everything that went wrong.

She's scared of trusting anyone
Because of
What happened to her
So long ago.

She's tired of keeping it all inside,
But can't find anyone
To trust...

She lets it all build up again
Until the pain's just too much...
Her blood's going to
Overflow again
Because no one cares

Keeping it all in
Is too much for her
To bear...
She's got no one to trust,
No one at all...

She wants to tell
Tell them it all...
But she's too scared
They won't believe her
And will tell her she's wrong
And needs therapeutic help.

She's sick of this,
Of all of this.
She stares into
The bathroom mirror,
The image, repulsive
To her...

She can't describe
The sensations
She feels
As she drowns
Out of this life,
Or so it seems.

She wakes up
Wandering what happened
To her...
She doesn't want
To be okay...

She wants to
Lie down
Only one last time,
So she can be
Forever gone...

But, Now,
There's no way
She'll be able
To get out
Of this scar-filled

No one will
Ever understand
The full extent
Of her pain...

So why do they act like
She has no right
To hurt herself?
They all hurt her...
This isn't fair...
None of it is...
They all hurt her,

She can't explain
Everything they've done.
All she knows
Is it's impossible
For all the words
To come out.

She sneaks out
One last time,
Sharpened things
In hand...

Scizzors slide
Up and down
Her legs...
Razors slide
Across her arms.

So, this is it...
The tragic result
Of no one caring,
No one listening...

Naila Rais 20 April 2018

I Can understand your pain...... I was really deeply moved.... Same thoughts I am struggling through... May God gives you courage to forget the past... But it's really impossible.... I too can't forget..... Keep courage... Read my poem In the mid of the night, depression you are killing me too.....same suicidal thoughts I have.... Naila

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Hannah Williams 23 April 2018

Thank you!

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Jazib Kamalvi 13 April 2018

A refined poetic imagination, Hannah. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.

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Hannah Williams 23 April 2018

Thank you! And i'll check it out!

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