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Hunger pains and Stomach Aches
Dizzy spells and vomit smells.

Worn down eyes and a lack of light.

My heart's been
Taken advantage of
Too many times.
It's been used as a toy,

Sitting on the floor,
Where she can barely breathe.
Her broken heart's
Beyond repair,

Old poems I wrote,
Stuck in my head.
It's almost 2 AM.
And I feel like

It's been two years
Since you spoke to me last
Polite conversation doesn't mean
A damn thing


Everything you say, I take to heart,
And I feel like I'm falling apart,
But I wish I could make you understand
I feel like I'm drowning in quicksand.

Yes ma'am, No ma'am
Yes sir, No sir
Manners drilled in me since birth.

A bitter mistake
Of two darkened souls.
A temptation they couldn't resist...
Leaving them both heartbroken,

No one ever sees me.
They all think I’m just fine.
Inside, my heart is breaking,
So, I cry and I cry.

I am drifting through this life
With no one to listen or care.
I am walking throught this crowd,
No smiles,

I am the evil that was seen
With a mustache on his face...

I am the ones that were

As I wake to another dark morning,
I wonder why I hurt this much.
'Where is God in all this? '
I wonder...

It hurts when you're alone
And no one seems to be there.
It hurts when you have lies
Bottlesd up inside

I don't understand all this pain,
Locked inside my heart,
It just won't go away.
Hard as I try, I know I can't win.

A neverending dream
Of happiness and bliss
Is all I can manage
Because life is a nightmare,


I saw the pain in here eyes
But I still kept watching
For some sick, sadistic sense of self pleasure.

You just have to get this out
Or it will kill you inside.
You were raped, hurt abused.
And you're dying inside.

Watching a short film
About the dangers of
Self harm

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Hannah.26. A little broken. But that's okay because I have Jesus.)

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A Victim Of Self Loathing

Hunger pains and Stomach Aches
Dizzy spells and vomit smells.

Worn down eyes and a lack of light.
And nothing feels right.

Not always losing weight,
But always feeling like I've deteroriated
Into nothing.

Everything has gone to shit
And I feel like I owe my life to this.

I thought this demon had disappeared from my life,
But now it's crawling inside of my mind.

I want to quit, but I need this.
And I'm terrified I'm going to die
Before someone realizes I haven't quit.

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