(anti Prejudice Poem) Clout Of Fame Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

(anti Prejudice Poem) Clout Of Fame

Rating: 2.6

When ideals are favored.
The truth shall be abandon for things better savored.
As it sometimes brings nothing but disgust.
A bitter taste you can't get out no matter how hard you try.
A spitting upon the pavement until memories fade.
How could we ever allow it?
A ignorant denial when we know it's going on all the time.
A religious belief of the out sight and out of mind.
Silence we tell them everything is fine,
A justification to investigate things in house,
As if their wouldn't be any bias,
A dismissive response to anyone speaks up.
It didn't happen.
You now have to leave because we have found nothing to substantiate your accusations,
With you gone so will be the problem.
But the root never being pulled it will resurface again and again,
It something that we can not defend.
Their nothing so righteous in existence.
That we should completely ignore something so wrong,
We can't stain such a precious name.
Letters etched upon history.
Read it out aloud and be proud of what he was.
Never mind what occurred under his rule.
Such is the clout of fame.

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