Ace Of Black Hearts Poems

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If My Poem Upset You, I'M Just So Sorry

If my poem upsets,
I'm just so sorry
No need to worry
Your not speaking anyways

(angry Poem) Absolute Destruction

One step closer, one inch further,
to absolute destruction.
Tear it all down.
Move out of the way.

(beliefs Poem) An Absolute That's Never The Same

Someone has to believe.
As someone needs not to believe.
A equal balance.
Let order bring chaos.


A controversy in terms.
I haven't heard anyone or say anything about it
So here it goes

A Whisper That Wants To Be A Scream

That kind of validation should be but the silence among the lambs.
A quietness to never be heard.
A whisper that wants to be a scream but doesn't exactly know how.
As if to say I have a question, yet I'm to afraid to ask.

(angry Poem) Burnt

Your burnt.
The aggression fills me up.
My sensibility is lost.
My heart of gold gets so cold.

Bad Habit

Burning crosses
Blowing up bridges
Taking out the stitches

(anti Greed Poem) Childs Demons

The demon speaks to me.
He writes all these squiggly lines.
They glow and come alive.
They become these characters dancing upon the pages in my mind.

(dilemma Poem) A Devils Dominion

I'm not that wise that an old man needs my guidance.
I'm not that smart that an old man needs my opinion.
A devils dominion.
He dominates with pure words.

(anti Prejudice Poem) Clout Of Fame

When ideals are favored.
The truth shall be abandon for things better savored.
As it sometimes brings nothing but disgust.
A bitter taste you can't get out no matter how hard you try.

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