(anti Selfish Poem) An Ancestral Indifference Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

(anti Selfish Poem) An Ancestral Indifference

Rating: 2.7

An idolization of the past for the accomplishments that leads us to the here and now.
We should be proud and continue on steadfast.
For we all walk upon where they left off.
But instead we try to be better and greater in our own right.
Too busy making comparisons.
To realize we still have so much to do.
We got to leave something for next generation.
Instead of bathing in our own celebration.
Looky here, look what I did.
A braggart under an assumed name.
Wearing a mask for the fame.
Changing how the game played.
Bending the ruler till the tension makes it snap.
Suddenly enveloped in thoughts not of your own but of others.
A paranoia of life itself.
Push the indifference felt upon everyone.
A suffering from lack of acknowledgement.
A existence that becomes a non-existence.
A void that will suck you in and destroy.
The weight becomes 10 fold to an infinite power till you let it go.
An acceptance of fate that you shouldn't try to equate.
Breaking it down into little pieces.
For sense must be made.
Splitting the sword, the hilt from the blade.
The pieces by themselves mean nothing.
But together as one it slices and dices.
A wounding weapon never meant to be apart.
The final destruction of the heart.

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