Kurt Kacich

Anxiety - Poem by Kurt Kacich

Fear, the feeling of something lurking behind closed doors,
The monster named Anxiety coming for you to settle a score,
Anxiety a fierce monster indeed, the vision of horror in galore,
The monster that induces feelings of shivers and spite,
Anxiety the creature that roams in the darkness of the night,
Fear, correlated to hallucinations that recite,
Anxiety the hellish creature with demon like eyes,
Grey eyes similar to the darkness in the skies,
Everywhere you turn you see those horrid eyes,
Those grey eyes, representing ending life through demise,
Anxiety the black tinted painting up in the skies,
Fear, the fight or flight response to something devastating,
Armageddon where heightened wars within the mind are levitating,
Thoughts and suicide dance around the mind without hesitating,
Anxiety, the monster whose power over the mind is devastating,
Fear the catastrophe that lurks inside the corner of the brain,
It represents the grey eyes that searches in depts. of the insane,
Anxiety, is Satan’s temptation with a new name,
Fear linked to wreckless behavior without shame,
No remorse, the fight response, the reality of the game,
The fight response, unable to keep the personal demons tame,
Hallucination through anxiety the opposing hemisphere of mundane,
Anxiety, the warlock that wears the colors of all black,
Fear the dark tunnel trapped where you can’t turn back,
Anxiety, the opposing army of evil in the mind that fights back,
No remorse, wreckless strategy inflicted when under attack,
Grey eyes, the eyes representing the evil inside the mastermind,
Regret the wishes of wreckless action to turn back time,
Hallucination, the sounds of screaming from behind,
Behind you, invisible in the corner of the mind,
Fear, the haven where the sun doesn’t shine,
No remorse, the puzzle pieced together through bloody crime,
Anxiety, the monster that remains blind,
The monster that only remains invisible to the average mind,
Guilt, correlated in opposition to no remorse,
Guilt, the feeling when pain settles inside to take it’s course,
Anxiety, the blackened ghost that sings in tunes of hoarse,
Fear, the feeling of hiding away from mankind,
Anxiety, the unwillingness to associate with others, disinclined,
Fear, the fight or flight response of malign,
Anxiety and Fear, the warlocks aligned.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, June 3, 2010

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