Apoco-Lips Poem by anais vionet


I'm in the library, at school, trying to write an article for the school paper (and I'm not even ON the school paper) . I'm on a forty-five minute deadline to complete a story someone else did poorly - on the edge of my vision I see someone step up to my table - a boy, I can tell, without looking up, from his school uniform. I'm hoping whoever it is will go away..44 minutes.

'Uhh-umm, ' I hear.
My eyes flicker up and I ID 'Everett Priestly' - one of God's less ambitious efforts.
'Uhh-umm, ' he does again.
'Parsley, ' I say, without looking up.
'Priestly, ' he answers with a sigh, 'wanna play HOUSE? ' he says conspiratorially, with a smirk.
'We were 7, ' I say, liberally applying syrupy boredom.

I've kind of known Everett Priestly forever - he lives two doors from us - then my family became expatriots until three years ago. His family is rich, he's handsome and I believe someone once told him he was charming. He fancies himself a lady killer but I'm willing to bet that he kills them with a combination of daddy's money and poor driving.

'I'm awfully busy - on deadline Mr. Priestly - please send me a text, ' I say, again, without looking up.
'I don't have your number, ' he says, patiently. 'Would you like to go to Sandra's party with a group of us Friday night? '
'OOOO! Let's keep it that way, ' I smile - this is too easy - 42 minutes.

'It'll be FUN, ' he says, with a smile in his voice - Oh, God, he's trying charm.
'Everett, ' I stop writing, look up and lean back. 'You ask me out every two months. If you've made a bet with someone - like we're living a teen movie - I'll payoff the bet for ya if you just give it a rest, ok? '

He really IS good looking - but kissing him would be the apoco-LIPS.

'Why do you always say no? ? , ' he asks, with a helpless 1/6th shrug and his GIGAWATT smile.
41 minutes - 'See you in January, ' I say, as I slide my laptop closer in, give it my obvious, full attention and hopefully, start back to writing.

'Come to Thanksgiving! , ' he says, as inspiration strikes.
'January would be MLK day, ' I remind him. 'Everett, PLEASE - deadline, ' I plead (not looking up) .
Everett, makes a snarky sound, turns around and slowly moves away - like a man headed for jail - he really SHOULD try out for the drama department, I decide.40 minutes.

When Everett turned 16, his daddy gave him some kind of expensive foreign sports car - a really, really, really expensive sports car. Six hours later Everett guns this formula-one race-car out of a gas station, loses control, and totals it. The girl with him had to get stitches over her right eye.

His friends call him 'EV' - they say it with a kind of a southern accent - that I can't decide is fake or not, which gives it a hint of - 'Elvis' - had a replacement car within 48 hours. He wrecked THAT one in less than six weeks - and his date got a concussion in the roll-over.

If he wants me to get in a car with him, he's goanna to have to taser me.

Friday, June 18, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: teen,high school,car
bri edwards 18 June 2021

Anais, though i don't consider this a 'poem', i was VERY ENTERTAINED while reading it. The part about 'we were 7' I did not understand. And 'Elvis' seems a bit of a stretch; may i suggest instead 'Evel Knievel'? Let me look for another of yours to read. bri ;)

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bri edwards 18 June 2021

I was intrigued and amused when i saw this title listed on the 'new poems' list today. Then when i clicked on it i was also attracted by your first name [which i misread as 'Anals'. bri ;)

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