Ardent Lover Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

Ardent Lover

Rating: 4.9

Remaining in the all-penetrating Eye
or taking flight from Omniscient Might? !
(swirl of toil laborious... fruitless... external
parting company from glimpse eternal? !)

Bearing the all-permeating Glance
gazing at Might - the Blazing Heart
ardently gazing at worldlings' culpable plight
(or breaking away from victorious sway - the vertical flight?)

Is not the path to splendor of saintliness
Paved by instants spent in Omniscient Mightiness?
Enduring the all-permeating Gaze?
Bearing Light Radiant, not trackless, impassable maze...

Is not He Gift Supreme and Reward?
Is not Sacrificial Lamb His name?
Can sacrificial spirit take notice of itself?
Take the line of least resistance?
Reward for service and solemn assistance?

Mighty is He whose renown is Love
Encountered more in relinquishing all...
Than taking delivery of all...
Dying to self for Love undying
To be Love's undying possession
Inherit all in the Undying Possessor
Taking off glove...
To touch the Wing of resplendent Dove...


very delightful nice poem... Krista

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Christian Soldier 07 May 2009

A lithesome champion of Veracity... superb! God bless...

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Jay Pappalardo 17 April 2009

Another masterwork executed with the utmost literary care and wisdom! This profound work presents substance of Christian love and Christian faith that goes far beyond mere moralism! I cherish each line but my absolutely favorite stanza packed with substance is the last one! 10! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Charles Carole 15 November 2008

The Best LOVE poem! Your poem inspired me to send this as an e-card for my sister's birthday! As always, The Carole family wants to congratulate you on your newest poems. We love them all! CC

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Jonas Kildare 15 November 2008

Another masterpiece! Indeed you are a great poet, because you evidently are a great philosopher. Entire poem is full of substance, but the last stanza reaches the zenith! Greetings from Costa Rica! Prof. Kildare

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George Gilbert 15 November 2008

Beautifully mastered poem Dr. Kardas. 'Mighty is He whose renown is LOVE'! Sad commentary on the world of today...people look for love in ALL the wrong places; instead of placing their entire love and trust into GOD FIRST! 10+

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