Art Syria Poem by Clinton Siegle

Art Syria

Art destruction by ISIS is a shame to Muslims
Reality is culture shown without destruction
Time is culture shown without shame of destruction
Syrians run away from shame
You are about to bring shame
Reality is shame
Indeed, you are shamed
Art destruction is shame
Flee Syrians from evil
Live life within love of laughter of good
Eternity is coming soon evil or good
Evil is too when for a time before good
Run away from evil
Unique is to be foretold your ending for good
Need a reminder to be good?
Syria forgive me, please
You are a republic to do as you please
Reality is civil war is bought, paid for by US a republic please
Indeed, evil is shame in this republic of US funding ISIS, please
Almighty pray for the US please
The funding of ISIS by US is disgusting and should be stopped
Reality is the US is still funding disgusting ISIS in Iraq
Unique how evil is US with allowing ISIS within Iraq
Time will tell how evil the US is with Iraq
How come can the US not fix Detroit instead of spending money on evil?
The destruction of sculptures by Muslims is something disgusting
Holy is the destruction of a history not made by Muslims is disgusting
Eternity will remember Muslims' destruction of art as disgusting
Art is worth reviewing about reality
Reality is time showing us people's culture history of reality
Time is shooting dead within the destruction of art in reality
A billion for Syria civil war
No billion for public goods programs in the poverty US war
You hear of billions for ISIS in 2013 now billions to fight them in a war
Bodies in the thousands 2015 in this war
Openly not caring for Americans but murdering Syrians instead for this war
Dear creator how evil is fiat money when creating a civil war
You realize shame is shame, evil is evil, and money is the root of this war
Why can the United States fund a war with a republic?
When the USA cannot fix Detroit in its own republic
Where is all this fiat money coming from in this republic?
Who is being robbed may be social security of the republic?
What is to be said for a free Syria a Republic?
Repeal funding for civil war within Syria's Republic, why fund evil?
Evil is funding a civil war within a republic when all they want is to live without evil
People pray for peace in the republic of Syria where Christian babies are evil
Evil is the shame of the republic of USA when funding evil in Syria
Almighty pray for peace for who lives in Syria
Live life within laughter of peace for Syria
AIDS by a jihad AIDS
Indeed, a girl willing to spread herself for Sunnis
Dear religion of Allah spread herself for AIDS
Sunnis paying for the prostitution of AIDS to Sunnis
Please people stop war in Syria
Live life better within love of Syria
Eternity will remember your love of Syria
AIDS in Syria is shame for those sponsoring AIDS in Syria
Syria flee from AIDS within Syria
Eternity is wronged when sex is forced for AIDS in Syria
Stop the war in Syria
You know you need to pray to stop the war in Syria
Openly AIDS is death in Syria
People pray for Syria
Wrong is the war of Syria
Almighty already tells of Damarcus being destroyed oh Syria
Reality shame is a war we know cannot be won in Syria
Syria runs away from war
You can run away from war
Reality runs away from war
Indeed cry for help from Russia against this war
Almighty protect those good from evil in this war
Flee from war
Live life without war
Eternity will remember you for war
Eternity will be sad to loss you to war
Art destroyers shame on you
Reality is culture shown by art within you
Time will tell of the destruction of art from you

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