' In My Father's Shoes ' Poem by Ency Bearis

' In My Father's Shoes '

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The lamp of the bright life had darkened.
When my father life was taken by God.
It was the darkest moment ever
experienced by my mother and family.

We are family of ten. I am the eldest.
That time I was twenty years of age.
A new graduate and has no job yet.
My mother's teary, query eyes was on me.

I saw in her eyes what she meant
sickly diabetic mother, ten children
with five years old as the youngest.
Thats a lot to feed in one day and on.

I was dumbstruck. Like in a black cloak
on my face with small hole to peep.
I have to visualize the future. Survival
I have to toil and family to take care of.

In storm of life we are in. We should get out.
I step up, step in to my father's shoes.
And walk to search the sunshine of hope.
Then I took the road across the ocean.

From east, to west end road sunshine I found.
At that side of the world I got the decent job.
Earnings, enough to pay my mother's
health bills and family expenses.

Finally time came, self sacrifices paid off.
My brothers and sisters finished college.
Load to my shoulders time to unload
That's I think of, but I can't.

Poverty in my native land, social cancer of sort.
Still I have to run, carry the load to bear.
To take the shoes off? Nay. Still to wear, support.
I have conscience, a heart, I care.

' In My Father's Shoes '
Kelly Kurt 26 April 2015

A heartfelt poem, Ency. Thanks for sharing. Peace

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Kim Barney 26 April 2015

Tugs at my heartstrings, does this poem. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on having it chosen as poem of the day!

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 26 April 2015

the last stanza has impressed me a lot..Those who know the pleasure hidden in the sacrifices, may understand...Keep up with your good work...

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Genful Sorebell 24 June 2015

wonderful poem a hearttouching one

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 26 April 2015

Touching poem indeed.

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Aniruddha Pathak 15 March 2020

Thank you Jez Burl for introducing me to this heart-feeling poem, of a good poet with even better heart. And I loved some expressions in the poem.

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A B Faniki 16 September 2019

An image worth a thousand joy. For the deed done by thy. Thanks for sharing a piece of u with us

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Bharati Nayak 18 June 2016

Stepping into your fathers's shoes and taking care of your mother and younger siblings at a young age barely out of college shows your loving and caring heart.Even when you have discharged your responsibilities you still carry forward that good work by caring for your society.Thanks for sharing a lovely poem..

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Madhabi Banerjee 25 May 2016

nice written.keep writing.and share us.

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Kim Barney 01 March 2016

I like this poem so much I had to come back and read it again.

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