As Somebody Ask Me Whio Is The Sa's Next President, Here Is My Response

I think you are on the rush our.. Firstly we should remember that it is the wastre of state money to change Pres. Every Periods.. And also we need to note. that people who have peace and tolerance are dying little by little and this is happenig everday. At a monent our Ciombrades are thuinking of inventing the school where all South AFRICAN, especially black people wiill be taught about democracy. Actually it not about teaching those children democracy but is to teach our future generations how to secure the ANC kindom forever. Yes indeed within a wink of an eye South Africans more especially in Eastern Cape have forget how we South African fought for that democracy. Zuma said this last december ' I thank those different parties in the Prliament and I hope they are playing a very huge role in maintaining democracy' Well that was 100% correct but you need to know something. There has never been democracy until you get free basic education. Your young kids needs education next to your area and they do not need to travel for a long distance that they do. In a present moment we are shaked upside down with the energy losses. Our deputy president Montlante is also a business man. Zuma is a president and he is doing very well. Those whon were expectiing him to be some sort of socialist are by far embarrassed. He has selected White and blacks more equal to work in parliament. Since he promised to share the power in his secong or third year of power and we need to give him time. In South Africa there has never been calom, peaceful and lovely. There is no even earthnicity and I mean called Zulu -Xhosa supremity. So friend oqn your questuion to say who shall be SA's next president I caN ASURE you that Zuma is still gonna be our eligible Pres. Beside (now we are go8ing to huge secrets) remember that JZ has too many Criminal Charges to face. That means that in order for him to run away from them he mus t remain to be a president. Indeed if Montlente is niot willing to see division annd or power hungry within the ANC... all he needs is to remain to be the Dep. Press till ' Zuma dies. Well you and I know exactly that a man has HIV and AiDS virs.. no way he will ever live more that 14 years and even 12 years. So far you need to know something about poluitics baby. Zuma was not as such a close friend to Montlante HHE! ! ? ? . The Dep. Pres. used to go fro state to state saying that Zuma is no longer eligible for presidency and he needs to stay down peacefully. But because Zuma enjoyed a wide range of support coming close to presidential race, Monmtlante took a stand with Zuma. Like it or not Montlante is Dep. Pres. just to level the ground. Actually Zuma could have kicked him even just after elections but he chose to remain silent because he needed to win the secon round.. again with majority vote that shall enable him to rule securely. So far a man like him has no so called Zulu -Xhosa PRIDE. hIS SKIN IS ALSO COLOURLESS IN POLITICS. he is not power hungry but he has to remain in the politics just to mainntain the stability. If and only if the president of this country, Mr. Jackop Zuma could die peacefully as expected and provided that Montlante will not rush to challege the power but to remain the Deput y Plresident of the ANC..; I promise you my son our next president will be Montlante. If anything other than that happen wo wo wo.. ANC wuill still remain in power but.. we will see the INkatha Freedom Party turning back to origin and I tell you there will be ANC within the ANC. So what! will he become president... no he will be beaten by the ZULU XHOSA coalition. Why would the Zulu and Xhosa re-unite if Zuma left so early.. well it is because the Xhosa have always been working with mthese people for democracy and if Montlante Shiow signs to disrespect the things to protect its Leader thy will vote agaist him. Another thing left is.. perhaps Zuma has elected more poweerful politician and they have their own supporters from different places annd they can be angry against the proposed action

So friend that is how bad politics is.. You don't win... we all we. So you could have asked.. who are we going to elect..! !

Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 21, 2010

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