Rajat S Bhattacharya

As We Rush, As We Rush In The Plane - Poem by Rajat S Bhattacharya

As we rush, as we rush in the plane
to soar with a roar on to the sky,
The trees, houses, rivers, oceans
go zooming out backward by.
And soon reach a lovely pristine domain
where clouds float freely with artistic mien.

The jet engines desperately wheeze
while struggling with all their might,
To develop power with ATF in gallons
the throttle sends as the pilot instructs,
Aerodynamic lift makes the massive flying machine
take off and get air borne
with hundreds of passengers on board,
Holding their breath in unknown tension.

Climbing steadily up the steep incline
amid thinning air to attain the cruising alt,
Soon it reaches the dream-like domain of clouds in the sky.
Then engines and cabin passengers heave a sigh.

Commences then a phase of a monotonous drone
as it flies high through the assigned air corridor.
If you make yourself agreeable to it as simple a pleasure,
Irritations decibel in no time disappear.

Views through the window present
spectacle of earthly and heavenly sights
in splendid canvas of live visual arts
with grandeur ceaseless offering delight,
Arousing joy overwhelming,
unless spoiled by chatters in cattle class.

The sight below brings a presentation of green forests
and fields, rivers and oceans, mountains and hills.
While clouds make lovely panorama floating all around
with a rhythm quite, not showing any haste or gust.

The light and shade they create with rays of the sun and moon,
Make the heavenly phenomena a feast of vision.
Horizon sun sometimes peeps through the windows
projecting a play of light and shadow.

Night views are no doubt visually impressive ever,
As the moon shines and stars twinkle above,
Though views of urban civilization down below,
illuminated in artificial light, appear lackluster.

What goes up must come down,
pilot prepares for a scheduled touch down,
switches the engines to low-power mode,
Relieving the eardrums from engine sound.
Announcing the approach of destination port
The aircraft starts its descent through guided route.
People relaxing after a sumptuous meal
automatically alert their motor nerves for impending chore.

Aircraft lands on the runway as ATC and ILS direct,
tearing through flocking clouds in their incredible realm.
Before the moment of landing the engines spring alive
as they struggle to steer the plane touch the runway
and stop it using retro breaking and the spoilers.

We shall fly again and again without an iota of fear,
More is the pleasure with longer and faster flights,
For we fly through the cloudy and misty beauts,
While our field of view records how the Earth slips below us.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

'Whoever has made a voyage up the Hudson must remember the Kaatskill Mountains.' wrote great American writer Washington Irving in his timeless short story Rip Van Winkle. In the same vein, I wish, I could write - Whoever has passed the middle school stage, must remember the timeless poem ‘As we rush, as we rush, in the train' by James Thomson. [1834-1882]. The poem invariably appears in my mind's slate whenever I travel on train, plane or bus and the current venture is the result of an impetus my mind experienced while on board a jet liner.

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