As You Understand It. Poem by Adedolapo Olisa

As You Understand It.

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I deserve nothing that you have given me
I say thank You
you hug me when I am just back from mud
Well dressed I am now then I turn away
I sway further towards dirt
when my judge comes, you cover me in your garment of holiness
and smile as if to say my garment is as clean as yours
all in a bid to marry me, You care not- all you see is my inside
So much love You have for me why?
Sometimes I cry-foolish me-forgetting I can reach You anytime
really, I feel pain that I take advantage of Your love
my mum that 'loves' me so much, I think: 'can she die for me'
and if she does - 'when I am spitting on her? '
Not enough then I open a new chapter
Ignorant me so impatient
You are there fighting my battles in a rem I cannot see
I am here losing what makes You love me most
I am a prodigal son that does not look at it like You did
pain, sorrow all with a smile in your heart I guess
As You understand it- the more pain the better the price
but here I want the relief NOW not caring of later
like someone so sleepy that cannot wait that his bed be laid
like a hungry man that cannot wait that his meat be smoked
like an angry Samurai that cannot wait that his sword be sharpened
like a worker that wants his money after every service
but give me your knowledge and teach it to me.

Duh Huh 22 March 2009

The power of a mothers love for her child and a child going thru life and fighting his own demons. Life. Thank you for sharing.

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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

Ilorin, Kwara state.
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