At The Stage Door Poem by Angela Wybrow

Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK

At The Stage Door

My friend and I had a memorable day,
When we went to see a favourite star in a play.
A week beforehand, we sent her a letter,
But this did not make our meeting any better.

At the end of the show,
Round to the stage door, we did go.
For a short while, we hung about,
Waiting for her to come out.

Soon enough, we saw,
Her exit the stage door.
Up to her, we cautiously went,
And mentioned the letter which we’d sent.

She didn’t recall if she’d received it or not.
Maybe being so busy, she just forgot?
With her, we politely asked for a photo,
But to our total amazement, she said ‘no! ’

Adding that ‘I hate the idea! ’
She made her feelings crystal clear.
She flicked her hand, as though brushing us away,
And her behaviour completely ruined our day.

Her fans feelings, she certainly knows how to mash,
But I guess all she really wants is the cash.
We’d driven all the way down there,
But, about us, she obviously didn’t care.

It was summertime and it was extremely hot,
And that reaction was all that we got.
Afterwards, we went for a late lunch,
But were too upset for food on which to munch.

The experience was different to others I’ve had.
It was memorable because it was so very bad.
I realise that fans can sometimes be a right pain,
But there was no need to treat us with such disdain.

I guess it may be a pain meeting fans night after night,
But I still think she could have been a bit more polite.
She treated us like something she’d found on her shoe,
And that is something which celebs should never do.

She very obviously saw us as being a pain,
So we’re not bothering to go and see her again.
It was an experience which we’ll never forget,
And her, I really do wish, we’d never met.


Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK
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