Indira Renganathan

Aurobindo-25-Savitri-Book -2 - Poem by Indira Renganathan

An appreciation on Savitri
Book II The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds
Canto IV The Kingdoms of the Little Life
Words within inverted commas are Aurobindo's

'The gusts of Nature were the only law,
Force wrestled with force, but no result remained: '
A single thinker in an aimless world
Awaiting some tremendous dawn of God,
He saw the purpose in the works of Time.
'The first writhings of the cosmic serpent Force
Uncoiled from the mystic ring of Matter's trance;
It raised its head in the warm air of life.'

'A heavenly process donned this grey disguise,
'To release the glory of God in Nature's mud.'
'His sight, spiritual in embodying orbs,
Could pierce through the grey phosphorescent haze'
'This too he tracked along its hidden stream
And traced its acts to a miraculous fount.'
A mystic Presence none can probe nor rule,
Links its mechanic throbs to light and love.

'A touch of God's rapture in creation's acts,
A lost remembrance of felicity
Lurks still in the dumb roots of death and birth,
The world's senseless beauty mirrors God's delight.'
'That rapture's' 'secret' 'smile'in leaves and flowers
In trees and wind, in birds and beasts and humans
'Forced the unconscious tissues to awake'
'And ask for happiness''And quiver with pain'

'Although on earth are firm established lives'...
'Yet are its roots of will ever the same; '
'These passions are the stuff of which we are made.'
'This was the first cry of the awaking world.'
'It clings around us still and clamps the god.'
It lasts and is the fount of all their life.

............My consciousness this moment,
O'Guru, I'm in invincible heights
Ineffable Thee embellishing poetic creation
My inquisitive apprehension, erring Thee may opine
May thereso, let Savitri in my self arise
Aroused thereso be knowledge and fortune

Topic(s) of this poem: prayer

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