Autobiographia Literaria Poem by Frank O'Hara

Autobiographia Literaria

Rating: 2.8

When I was a child
I played by myself in a
corner of the schoolyard
all alone.

I hated dolls and I
hated games, animals were
not friendly and birds
flew away.

If anyone was looking
for me I hid behind a
tree and cried out "I am
an orphan."

And here I am, the
center of all beauty!
writing these poems!

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Alessndra 08 October 2020

If they were looking for me i hid behind the bookshelf and yelled" I hate you.

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Elizabeth Barajas 28 May 2014

When I read this poem I think of all the bad times I've they are OVER..and how what's left is an overwhelming feeling of possibility coated in optimism. Imagine!

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Stevie Taite 02 January 2013

The quietest and seemingly loneliest children sometimes need to be that way, in order to become who they become. Be kind all the world to those who are different!

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Frank O'Hara

Frank O'Hara

Baltimore, Maryland
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