Autumn, Nature And Festivals Poem by umaprosad das

Autumn, Nature And Festivals

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Cold touch in the atmosphere, mind is soft and tranquil
Dew drops deposit on the grass tips early in the morn
As if a green carpet with mini diamonds spread over, until
The bright sun removes the reddish glow after the dawn

Do we not live in the Heaven? where such beauties attribute
Under the vast blue, reddish, golden, nicely decorated sky
Where mother Earth is embellished, fragrant and so cute
Oh God! We are in the Paradise with the blessings of Thy

In Autumn, Nature dresses itself as a queen in Earth's lap
Blesses us with corns and grains, flowers and fruits
For livelihood and entertainment, everything we do have
For her loving living beings, Nature generously contributes

Autumn festivals nearing, cleaning and decoration starts
Paddy crop yields, festive atmosphere is at every house hold
Purchase of cloths and fancy dresses: pants, shirts, frocks, skirts
Ornaments of many kinds: imitations to silver, platinum, gold

Autumn Festivals are the sources of joy of every Indian soul
Celebrates with new dresses, special dishes in pomp and gay
Everybody participates with specific responsibility and roll
Rich and poor, high and low sit together to worship and pray

Programs, cultural functions, competitions of art and skill
Arranged in the Worship Places with distribution of award
How graceful and blessed by the Goddess, the Hindus feel
Sharing together the God's sacred 'bhoag'* after being offered

*Bhoag – Sacred Remains of food items after being offered to God

Sunday, October 4, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: autumn
Ratnakar Mandlik 05 October 2015

Dear Umaprosad Das, your muse has portrayed the enchanting nature and festivities during autumn very beautifully. Very marvelous description indeed. Liked the poem very much. Ten out of ten.

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Umaprosad Das 09 October 2015

Dear Friend, Mr. Mandlik, It gives me immense pleasure that you have gone through my poetry. Your sweet words provide me enough inspiration to carry on my hobby forward. Thank you friend, thanks a lot to you.

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