Some Queries For Kind Explanations Poem by umaprosad das

Some Queries For Kind Explanations

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Centuries after centuries, in the Epics, in the sacred Scriptures
In the holy books or historical events, many sorrowful pictures
Were depicted there in which we believe, in our heart and soul
That God himself, or His incarnations, had to play the pathetic roll
In the end, by being the victims of violence; they were killed by bruit
We find that Lord Krishna died from a hunter's poisonous arrow shoot

Lord Buddha died of eating the poisonous mushroom on appeal
In a dinner party, hosted by his disciple in a voluntary religious deal
The Incarnation of Lord Krishna, Gauranga Mahaprabhu's true tale
He became the victim of violence; was killed and thrown into a well
Meera Bai, the great devotee of Lord Krishna, was compelled to consume
Poison; in an order of her own Royal family; how so pathetic, just assume!

Jesus Christ, sentenced to death by hanging on a Cross, pricking nails
"Pardon them, oh God! ", to bless the bruits and sinners, he did not fail
We also found that the great Greek Philosopher, Socrates was the victim
And had to welcome his pathetic end, the death by Hemlock consuming
So many great souls and devotees had to suffer and became the victim
Why could God not protect himself or others in such circumstances of so grim?

Anil Kumar Panda 10 October 2022

Death is inevitable and does not spare even the gods and noble men. A question to think over. Nice write.

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Ramesh T A 10 October 2022

Great question! By killing loving and good people, love and good cannot be eliminated or destroyed in the world!

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umaprosad das 10 October 2022

A lot of thanks for going through my poetry and enriched me with your valuable comments.ts.

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