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You Are My Heartbeat

You are the beat of my Heart, who has never been apart
From me in my grief and despair
Whenever I am sick, you are sympathetic
To sooth my pain with love and care

Champdani - 2

A peaceful residential area, calm and quiet
With narrow concrete lanes, neat and clean
Blessed with trees and plants in households
Making the scenic beauty in pleasant green

Visit University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a name of fame and progression
We bow down our heads with love and respects to this USA's great Institution
You generously share with love and care your experience, skills, and knowledge
To thousands and thousands of learners from all over the world corner and edge

Female Power

Female power on this earth is the source of birth
Of lives; nurtures and strives with smile and mirth
Growth and sustenance through immense pains
Bearing difficulties, strains, anxieties, oppression

Shocked To See My Wife, In The Worst State Of Life

You have become extremely weak, very lean and thin
It seems your skeleton wrapped with only the skin
Your face vividly patched with more than the excessive old age
A few months earlier, which was of young glamour and glaze

Some Queries For Kind Explanations

Centuries after centuries, in the Epics, in the sacred Scriptures
In the holy books or historical events, many sorrowful pictures
Were depicted there in which we believe, in our heart and soul
That God himself, or His incarnations, had to play the pathetic roll

What Is The Purpose Of Education And Progress

What is the purpose of education and progress, where morality degrades
Where virtue has no place, truth dies out, where corruption has easy access
What's the purpose of education and progress, where people struggle in each step
What's the value of life, where people pray for safety to God, ladies are unsafe

World Laughter Day, Be Happy And Gay

Today is the world laughter day,
Laugh and smile and be happy and gay.
Laugh, laugh and laugh and you do fight
Pressure, stress and strain and become light.

Morning Chores With Kids

I get up early in the morning
Everyday, as usual, and run,
To reach on time by walking,
To my dear destination,


Learn and gain education,
Be free from confusion.
Drive out every doubt,
Be happy and be stout.

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