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What Is The Purpose Of Education And Progress

What is the purpose of education and progress, where morality degrades
Where virtue has no place, truth dies out, where corruption has easy access
What's the purpose of education and progress, where people struggle in each step
What's the value of life, where people pray for safety to God, ladies are unsafe

World Laughter Day, Be Happy And Gay

Today is the world laughter day,
Laugh and smile and be happy and gay.
Laugh, laugh and laugh and you do fight
Pressure, stress and strain and become light.

Morning Chores With Kids

I get up early in the morning
Everyday, as usual, and run,
To reach on time by walking,
To my dear destination,


Learn and gain education,
Be free from confusion.
Drive out every doubt,
Be happy and be stout.

Impact Of Education

A continuous, arduous endeavor for education
Can pull one out of the financial hardship, a curse
Helps him or her to push forward the next generation
To rush for knowledge power and poverty to crush

Female Power

Female power on this earth is the source of birth
Of lives; nurtures and strives with smile and mirth
Growth and sustenance through immense pains
Bearing difficulties, strains, anxieties, oppression

Earth And Environment

Loving Earth, Lively Earth,
Mother Earth gives us birth;
Nurtures all living beings,
Green trees, green plants,

Nature Care

When you find your body and mind are weary and not at ease
Come and share nature’s care, verdant shadow and cool breeze
Under a tree-shade on soft green bed lie down and you may feel
In closed eyes, the healing ties, of pleasant nature’s hug of thrill

The Present Day In India

In every sphere of life, any where a step, you take
It’s full of corruption, identities of many are in fake
Saffron dressing saints, once was pride for spiritualism
Full of sacrifice, wisdom, culture, tradition of idealism

My Land, My Native Place - Ii

In the close vicinity, of the holy town and city, of Santiniketan, Nanoor and Kenduli
Where the foot marks, of the great souls and their works, have made the places holy.
There amongst them, at a small hamlet Bandar by name, I was blessed with my birth,
Where I was brought up in poor status but with the great souls' influence and girth.

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