Avaricious Poem by Bright Nkyi


Rating: 5.0

They have been with us for ages
few words can't describe their abilities:
but many chained to a thousand pages
Corrupt hands that put us behind cages
They could give their lives to hike wages
but nothing to understand simple policies
Clad in white clothes like a morning angel
they burn more gently than a Roman candle
when they do seek out dominions to handle
With desires granted, they will outdo the devil

I feel like drawing many tears to be frank:
to have seen the trick & yet fall for the prank
it proves me the fool as perceived and they, wise
Accept homemade goods! They preach to us
then, turn their backs and import from the US
and who will consume them, if not for us?

They are visitors who quickly forget their post
and flaunt their true colors in front of their host
Of course they do boast
than he that proposes the toast
Our lives and hopes they cram into their coats
Forgetting they reap from the sweat of our thumbs
Every four years they ridicule us: show us dumb
their extravagant lives give us the cramps
Like Blacks on the territory of Trump
Amassing wealth is their secret trap
In the full glare of public they stab each other
but in the private corners they do revel together
They are friends under cover;
so be careful my brother

Thursday, January 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: political
Kim Barney 27 January 2017

A fascinating poem, although I confess that there were parts that I didn't understand. This seems to be the first poem that you have posted to this website. Welcome to Poem Hunter!

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Chinedu Dike 26 January 2017

An insightful portrayal of men of crafty pretense who tread our political terrains - demagogues with perfect sets of iron teeth, fueled by putrid sludge of iniquity with no political visions to translate into realities. Beautiful piece of poetry, elegantly penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing Bright. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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