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a legacy of broken dreams...
she came to me,
for love is never what it seems,

I put the shotgun to my head,
a fraction from now I'll be dead.
An ounce of lead pierces into my head,
cerebrial fluid starts to spread.

As I stand,
feeling the rain;
flowing over me,
washing away my pain.

It's been eleven years,
since I first met you.
I know that the blessed,
are far and few.

She dances
A little timid, a little shy
Such beauty and grace
Before the world's eye

No one understands
They can't understand
You won't let them in
You won't let them understand


you cut your wrist today,
you said you...
needed the release.


I come to you place,
and kick down your door,
as the door flies open...
I close the distance across the floor.

A young man molested,
as a boy; just a little boy.
Treated like an object,
or like a little toy.

Over the lips,
through the gums,
as I pull the trigger,
my shotgun hums.

I'm on my back,
and you're on top;
you're riding me all night...
and won't stop.

When I die...
let my body burn.
Deposit my ashes,
inside my sepulchral urn.


overwhelming pain;
a mental condition,
deep inside my brain.

Life scars us
Because we're one of the same
But you were different
And now you're the one to blame

Writing has given me such pleasure
Yet so much pain
Our relationship begets
Love and hate

The night sky cries
Bellowing out my name
Rise O' Son of Satan
It's time for the end game

O', my beloved
My love of yesterday
My love of today
My love so far, far away

Never to be lovers again.
I must grieve.
From this life,
I shall leave.

Your body...
convulses and twists;
as you slit your life,
from your wrist.

A shotgun,
would be just fine...
Into my mouth,
to blow out my spine.

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They appear to have forgotten me on the Poets Top 500. Haha!)

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A Legacy Of Broken Dreams (Villanelle)

a legacy of broken dreams...
she came to me,
for love is never what it seems,

may the Lord hear my screams,
I never wanted it to be,
a legacy of broken dreams...

a pensive longing so it seems,
lost in a reverie of her and me,
for love is never what it seems,

I pray to the savior who redeems,
will she ever feel this love for me?
a legacy of broken dreams...

searching for what love really means,
will there ever be love between her and me?
for love is never what it seems,

from the empyrean her radiance gleams,
she says, do you not see? There will only be,
a legacy of broken dreams...
for love is never what it seems.

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poetry lover 12 January 2007

I loved it very well written poem

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Buried Alive 22 December 2006

this is great, nice rhyming and selection of words, 'make your decision to start an incision' so concise yet vividly expressing your feelings

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Misty Talbot 20 December 2006

I have just read 'Again', very powerful

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