Thoughts of a Single Man

Bad Religion - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

He keeps walking as the rain pours down on him

with no diagram to where he is going at all.

Though he can still recall

the ache of his breaking heart

and the sound it made when it was shattered.

Trying so hard to pretend that none of this matters.

He can only be himself

so he still could not hide the way he felt,

yet the desires that he has surely are said

to cast him into the fire,

damned in the banishment of a realm below.

The place where only dark souls go

Why does it have to be so?

He cannot turn on his emotions like a switch in the night

and if he speaks on his feelings

he will be banned from heavens blessed light.

Is loving another man so dam wrong

when it is the way he has felt all his life?

They said it was just a phase,

that he could just turn the page,

and become one of the sum who has a family and wife.

Some words are like weapons

and cut deeper than any stabbing steak knife.

Hiding behind the mask accepted by society,

the futile disguise that he wears to keep himself hidden,

these feelings so forbidden,

from the angels above and their prying eyes.

He hails a cab and slips into the back seat

making squishing sounds with his damp wet feet

and asks the driver if he wouldn't mind

hearing the woes of a stranger.

He feels his soul is in danger.

For love not returned is like a death sentence to him

but it is said to be a love that will make him burn

in the furnaces and searing seas of Satan's swimming sin.

When was the last time he smiled?

Now that is just a faded memory he carries within.

At a red light he glances at a church on the corner,

wishing he could go inside and feel a little warmer,

and pray out loud and scream and release his voice.

That would be so nice.

Rather than a life lived once, twice, and thrice.

He asks himself why and as the cab begins to pull off

he hangs his head and quietly cries,

inhales then exhales, and releases a heaving sigh,

as he peers through the stained foggy pane

up into the blackened sky.

Still not really too concerned at the moment

where he is about to be driven,

he just writes two words in the circle of his warm breath,

the testament that he left for his God to see,

the one that sets his searching soul free…..

' bad religion'.

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