Balance Poem by Annie Janine


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See yourself as a flower waiting to bloom
A Story waiting to be written
An idea beginning to grow
Find yourself winning
And find yourself losing
Find yourself in complete peace and harmony
But also in total anarchy
Find the balance between who you truly are and
Who you’d like to become

Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele 19 November 2008

Dear Elmo - If you can become, who you'd like to be, then there's no more dancing. Ahh, but the dance is such fun! ! Very thoughtful piece! Keep thinking and writing. Blessings - Cheryl

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Alison Cassidy 18 November 2008

Wisdom penned prettily. Love the spiritual dimension of this piece and the phrasing of the poem works a treat too. Reminds me of The Riddle Song - that we used to sing in the Sixties. It begins 'I gave myself a cherry that has no stone'. I am enjoying your work. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Bobbiey Anderson 03 June 2008

i like dis one, keep working on it, small fry lol

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David Desantis 30 May 2008

whoa...that is an excellent poem! ! GReat GREAT JOB. I really admire the flow of it, but also the message of taking the middle road, finding peace but also excitement. Everything in moderation as they say

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Annie Janine

Annie Janine

Brooklyn, New York
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