Balance Poem by Theorem The Truth Serum


How can we put the care in health care
when nobody really cares in Congress?
Nobody really cares in the health industry.
These collective decision makers are
a bunch of male lions eating their own cubs
when there is plenty of food being passed around.
These ungrateful lions have sicked the
Republican pride upon us when they are
no longer the kings of the jungle.
The problem with our government is that
they are backed by the media.
We have all these pro commentators like
Hannity, O'Reilly, Cavuto, Olbermann, Dobbs, Maddow, etc.
They think they are intellectuals when
they are a pile of hindering arrogance.
They occasionally report the truth but most of
the time they are dividing mathematicians
calculating what words they can use to divide America.
They say that they are patriots but a patriot that is for
America would commentate on how they can change
these institutions which are all corrupt instead of
saying that they are the best in the world so
they shouldn't be changed.
These lies add to the problem and the sad thing is
that many people believe these lies.
A pride that works together and not against
itself is a successful pride not the other way around.
Repubs and Dems need to work together and not
against each other because it is making matters worse.
When the two parties come together they form a balance.
That is what this country was meant to have, a balance.
That is why this country was made the way it was made.
Take the arrogance out of our politics and replace it with balance.

Error Success