Be My Hope Poem by Katellyne Baker

Be My Hope

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Something tells me that you don't understand
exactly where it is that i came from.
I came from what was once a home where i sat in joy,
now just an empty memory in i run from the empty house full of sorrow.

Overlook my past,
and see in clear view my future.
Time flys too fast,
but hold onto ours and don't let it cast.
I have hope in love because of you,
I have hope in the future,
the dream i've wanted,
and much more.

Be my Hope
and take this rope
and never let go.
You and I,
we'll let what we have flow
down a river of mystery and endless memories.

Happy smiles
will last for miles and miles.
Be my hope for a better future.
Be my hope for a reason to hold onto dreams.
Be my hope for who is not yet our son,
who will grow;
and we will watch him run and run.
but who will be when the time is right;
the day i can break free from fright.

Jose Alfonso Lopez.
You are my hope for a
brighter future,
brighter smile,
and a happy life
for a husband and wife.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Hope
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Katellyne Baker

Katellyne Baker

Oxnard, Calirfornia
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