They Come For Me Poem by Katellyne Baker

They Come For Me

They come for me, making me feel
like i am nothing.
They come for me, leaving
me out.
They trap me inside a barrier
where no one can hear me shout.

They find me in my dreams
and tell me
puzzles impossible to figure out
like reading a book with the
pages ripped out.

They see me struggle,
they add it to my life.
They make me do thingsi don't want to...
with a sharp knife.

They make strange things happen to me.
They make my life miserable
yet they make what dosn't kill me
only stonger.

They make me go through things
like no human should ever expirence
like walking through fire filled rings
and give me the feeling of dellirious.

They come for me and
make me want to dance,
and they make me want to sing...
they make me want to prance
and they want to make me feel the sting.

They come for me and make me think like no one else would.
i try my best to think like the normal,
but i can't...
even if i could.

They make me skipp down a road ive never been down.
They come for me and change my mood to
make me frown.

They come for me,
not telling me who they are,
but what they are.

They tell me...
and make me believe that it's all in my mind
that i need to move on
and let nothing get left behind.

Katellyne Baker

Katellyne Baker

Oxnard, Calirfornia
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