Katellyne Baker Poems

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Murder In Her Eyes

Some say she's bitter,
some say she's sweet.
They know her by her shimmer,
Oh how sometimes her crime can be so neat.

Sexual Passion

I've waited for the longest time for my dream to come true..
Now it's right here, standing before me. with his arms rubbing my shoulders ever so gently,
as he kisses down my neck with such compassion.
It makes me nervous what to expect next and how i would ever react.

In The Darkest Of Shadows

In the darkest of shadows, you will know who i am,
Only you will never know what i am.
A monster, as most people would say,
as they whine and beg for me to come out and play.


Such a crime, takes so much time.
He was like a brother to me...Not anymore
he is now my worst enemy.


D'hiver, comme ci froid
joue comme ci shaud.

Where ever you go,

My Childhood Peices

Wondering where the never ending road goes,
running along the childhood path
as i followed the sunrise when it rose.

My Final Goodbye

As much as we were so in love, no one could be perfect, not even a dove.
I promised you love, You promised me salvation. Somehow our deal couldn't work out, so we had to Seize our destination.

I explained to you my future goals,

Swing Me To The Sky

Swing me To The Sky,
while time fly's by,
on a beautiful Saturday,
spread my wings

Your Everything

Your voice, filled with such suspense
makes me feel so intense.

Your eyes that look me deep in the eye,

Dear, Death

Dear, Death...
It's been a while since we've talked face to face,
but no need to rush your pace.
I been stuck here in this same place,

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