Sexual Passion Poem by Katellyne Baker

Sexual Passion

Rating: 5.0

I've waited for the longest time for my dream to come true..
Now it's right here, standing before me. with his arms rubbing my shoulders ever so gently,
as he kisses down my neck with such compassion.
It makes me nervous what to expect next and how i would ever react.

Safe in his arms i breathe so heavily.
My heart pounding ever so roughly,
as if my heartbeat was dancing his name.

His lips so soft almost makes me sleepy,
wanting more and more of his blissful desire.
His soft thin lips reach mine as i hold my breath and kiss him as if it was the last time i will ever kiss such a man.

It is much more than making love it's self.
He gives his body heat to me, with the warmness of the heat crawling up my body along with him as he whispers my name and lock eyes with me.

In his eyes i see him for who he is, no matter what he's done.
Pulling him closer and closer each second, his arms as my safe home, his heart as my own beating heart, connected together as one.

He takes me to a different place.
The place ive always seen in my dreams, and couldn't describe the meaningfulness
until he showed me his sexual passion for my desirable bliss.
He's known all my secrets, all my regrets, all my mistakes,
all my times when iv'e been the worst demon alive.
The taste of his breath fills my lungs with lustful sin as the moment arises when he enters me.
Enters my body ever so gently. Ever so caring.

Pleasing each other, he slowly calls out my name in such a voice, yet such a fading whisper.
Under is body he locks me in,
wanting me to stay and never escape.

In his arms he holds me ever so close, pulling me closer each second, with my breasts squeezing up against his firm chest,
as he moves his face closer to mine, his lips right next to my ear and whispers
'i need you'
I exhale passionately.

Feeling peaceful and loved by him.
He has given me the most powerful gift any man could give.
He gave me the gift of Sexual Passion.

Khairul Ahsan 31 March 2014

Congratulations for being able to write such a passionate poem on sexual passion. Everyone feels but few can express. I wonder why no one has commented on this beautiful poem and it has been rated by only one vote. 'He has given me the most powerful gift any man could give. He gave me the gift of Sexual Passion.' - Icing on the cake.

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Katellyne Baker

Katellyne Baker

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